How to Convert PUB to PDF in Java

This basic tutorial contains the details pertaining to how to convert PUB to PDF in Java. It covers the entire procedure starting from system configuration and prerequisites, as well as the step-wise algorithm along with a sample code snippet to convert Publisher to PDF in Java. Furthermore, you can scale this process with a multi-threading application where different PUB files can be loaded and converted to PDF format, in parallel.

Steps to Convert PUB to PDF using Java

  1. Install Aspose.PUB to process Publisher files
  2. Load the input PUB file with the createParser function
  3. Write the generated PDF document by calling the convertToPdf method

These steps precisely cover the process to convert Publisher file to PDF in Java. The input PUB files can be parsed using the PubFactory class which includes several methods’ overloads to process data from file or memory streams. Similarly, the convertToPdf method can be used to write the output PDF file to a stream or a file depending on your requirements.

Code to Convert PUB to PDF in Java

This sample code is sufficient to convert Microsoft Publisher to PDF in Java. Whereas, you can improvise it to work with overloaded methods and constructors to meet your needs. In a nutshell, this code sample parses the input Publisher file and renders it as a PDF file while working with the PubFactory class.

This tutorial has helped you to understand the process to convert PUB file to PDF in Java. However, if you want to learn PUB file to image conversion, please refer to the article about how to convert PUB to PNG in Java.