How to Convert PUB to PNG Image using Java

This brief tutorial provides details on how to convert PUB to PNG image using Java. This conversion is performed in two steps by converting the PUB file to PDF and then the output PDF is converted to a PNG image. You will also learn how does Java generate PNG image from PUB such that if it contains multiple pages, then each page is converted to a separate image.

Steps to Convert PUB to PNG Image using Java

  1. Install Aspose.PUB and Aspose.PDF in your application for converting PUB file to PNG Image
  2. Load the PUB file with Document class object
  3. Convert the source PUB file to PDF
  4. Load the intermediate PDF into the relevant PDF Document class object for conversion to PNG image
  5. Iterate each page and save as a PNG image

These steps guide you to export PUB to PNG image in Java along with all the necessary details required for this conversion programmatically. Firstly, you need to convert the PUB to a PDF file and then process all the pages in the intermediate PDF file to convert each of them to a separate image file.

Code to Convert PUB to PNG Image using Java

In this code, we used PubFactory class to create a parser for the input PUB file. This parser returns a PUB document object which is used by the PDFConverter to create a PDF file and save it on disc. This intermediate PDF file is loaded again as a PDF document and processed for converting each page in the PDF file to a separate PNG image.

In this tutorial, you learned to create PUB to PNG image using Java. However, if you are looking for the steps to process PDF files in Java, refer to the article on how to read PDF file in Java.