How to Convert OneNote to HTML using C#

This how-to topic guides on how to convert OneNote to HTML using C#. It shares the details to configure the environment for adding Aspose.Note for executing the sample code, a simple list of programming tasks, and an example sample code for developing a basic OneNote to HTML converter using C#. The developed application can be used in any of the .NET configured environments inside macOS, Linux, or Windows.

Steps to Convert OneNote to HTML using C#

  1. Set up the IDE to use Aspose.Note for .NET to convert OneNote to HTML
  2. Create a default .ONE file using an instance of the Document class and insert an empty page inside that
  3. Instantiate an object of the ParagraphStyle class and set the desired text formatting settings
  4. Insert the page title for the added page by setting the Title text and Date
  5. Save the .ONE file as HTML on the disk

The aforementioned step-wise procedure describes the process of exporting OneNote to HTML using C#. The process initiates by creating a default .ONE document using an instance of the Document class; however, you can also load an existing .ONE file as well. An empty page will be added to the document which is then followed by creating a text style for the text to be added using an instance of the ParagraphStyle class. The page title, title date, and time are then added for the page Title using the defined text styling, and finally, the .ONE file will be saved as an HTML on the disk.

Code to Transform the OneNote to HTML using C#

This code sample demonstrates the task of OneNote export to HTML using C#. While customizing the text style you can use the ParagraphStyle class to set the properties like Underline, Highlight, FontName, FontColor, FontStyle, Strikethrough, Italic, and Bold to name a few. The paragraph style can be set differently for different portions of the text inside the .ONE file. In this example, we have only focused on adding text for the Page Title but you can also set the text for other nodes inside the page as well.

This article has taught us to convert a One Note to HTML using C#. If you want to learn about the process of securing the .ONE file, refer to the article on how to secure OneNote file using C#.