How to Secure OneNote file using C#

This how-to topic guides on how to secure OneNote file using C#. It includes the IDE setting details for adding Aspose.Note for executing the sample code, steps-wise programming tasks, and a workable example to achieve OneNote document protection in C#. The developed application can be used in any of .NET supported environments including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Steps to Lock OneNote Document in C#

  1. Set the IDE to use Aspose.Note for .NET to password protect the OneNote file
  2. Access the source .ONE file from the disk using an instance of the Document class
  3. Instantiate an object of the OneSaveOptions class and set the desired password
  4. Save the password protected .ONE file on the disk

The aforementioned steps describe the process to lock OneNote document in C#. The process is relatively easy; we will first load the source OneNote document file using the Document class object. Then by using an instance of the OneSaveOptions class, we will set the desired password and save the password protected OneNote file on the disk.

Code to Lock OneNote Document in C#

This code sample demonstrates the steps to protect .ONE document in C#. The OneSaveOptions class instance is used to set the desired password. It also exposes other properties like setting the FontsSubsystem, page count, and page index inside the save .ONE document.

This article has taught us how to protect .ONE file with password in C#. If you want to learn the process to convert .ONE to JPEG, refer to the article on how to convert OneNote to JPEG using C#.