How to Send Email using Java

In this simple tutorial, we will explore how to send Email using Java. SMTP is one of popular email clients and you will learn how to send email using Gmail SMTP in Java. The application makes use of simple API calls that can be used in Java environments inside Windows and Linux operating systems.

Steps to Send Email using Java

  1. Configure the application by adding Aspose.Email JAR file reference from the Maven Repository
  2. Create MailMessage class instance to send email
  3. Set different properties of desired mail message
  4. Set SmtpClient properties and send the email message

SMTP is one of the simplest email clients for sending and receiving email. In the following example, we have made use of MailMessage Class to create the message that is to be sent. It involves setting the email subject, recipient and email body. Then we will initialize SmtpClient object whereby we will set the credentials for the user along with port and host information. Finally, we will send the mail message that we created in first step. The following examples is easy implementation of how to send Mail using SMTP server in Java.

Code to Send Email using Java

In the previous topic, we focused on rendering examples and explored how to render LaTeX to PNG using Java. This topic is centric to using Java SMTP to send Email using simple approach.