How to Render LaTeX to PNG using Java

This brief topic provides details on how to render LaTeX to PNG using Java. We also know the LaTeX files as .tex files and you can easily convert LaTeX to PNG using Java with simple API methods and properties. The API calls are not dependent on any other third party tool or application software, so the code can be executed in Java environment on Linux, macOS, or MS Windows platforms.

Steps to Render LaTeX to PNG using Java

  1. Configure the project by adding Aspose.TeX JAR file reference from the Maven Repository
  2. Create options for converting LaTeX format file with TeXOptions
  3. Initialize PngSaveOptions for saving LaTeX in PNG image format
  4. Perform the LaTeX to PNG image rendering using TexJob class

LaTeX documents contain plain text and they are used for scientific and research works for technical users. In order to convert LaTeX to image in Java, firstly we will create TeXOptions class object to load the input file. Then we move on to the next step to initialize PngSaveOptions object to render the input file to the PNG format image. This two-step rendering procedure is completed with a few simple API calls using Java.

Code to Convert LaTeX to PNG using Java

In the previous topic, we have explored how to convert OneNote Notebook to PDF using Java. Whereas, in this topic we have focused on how to convert LaTeX to image in Java with simple approach.