How to Merge Visio Files in Python

This article explains how to merge Visio files in Python. It contains the stepwise approach along-with a code snippet to combine Visio files in Python. You can load the source diagram files in VSDX or VSD file formats.

Steps to Merge Visio Files in Python

  1. Configure the Aspose.Diagram for Python via .NET API to combine Visio files
  2. Load the source Visio diagrams with the Diagram class
  3. Merge the Visio diagrams with the combine method
  4. Export the merged Visio diagram

These steps precisely elaborate how to combine multiple Visio files into one in Python. It appends different Visio diagrams page-by-page allowing the access of various Visio data within a single file. You can load the source Visio diagrams and append them together before exporting the output file based on your requirements.

Code to Merge Visio Files in Python

This sample code can merge Visio files into one in Python. However, it is a quick demonstration of the feature that you can improvise based on your needs. For example, you can use different constructors of the Diagram class while loading the input diagrams by specifying the system culture info, the interrupt monitor time interval, and selecting the pages to merge, etc.

This tutorial has explained the information to merge VSDX files in Python. Besides, if you want to learn Visio to PDF conversion, read the article on how to convert Visio to PDF file in Python.