How to Convert Visio to PDF File in Python

This article covers how to convert Visio to PDF in Python. You will find all the information to configure the environment, a step-by-step process, and a running code snippet to convert Visio to PDF without Visio in Python. You can load the source VSD or VSDX diagrams and export them to PDF format using a few API calls.

Steps to Convert Visio to PDF using Python

  1. Set up the system environment to use Aspose.Diagram for Python via .NET
  2. Load the source Visio file using the Diagram class for rendering to PDF
  3. Create an object of PdfSaveOptions class
  4. Customize the conversion by setting properties like page size and page index
  5. Export the output PDF document

These steps summarize the process of creating a Visio to PDF converter in Python. First, load the source Visio diagram and set different properties for the required PDF document. Next, export the generated PDF file to a stream or disk according to your requirements.

Code to Convert Visio to PDF in Python

This code snippet is a quick demonstration to export Visio to PDF in Python. However, you can further enhance it using different properties like digital signature, font, encryption, and many other options. Moreover, you do not need to configure Microsoft Visio or any other Visio diagrams manipulation tool to perform this conversion on your end.

This tutorial briefly discussed how to save Visio as PDF in Python. If you want to learn how to merge Visio files, look at how to Merge Visio Files in Python.