How to Convert Visio to SVG in Java

This article contains information on how to convert Visio to SVG in Java. It provides the code snippet in addition to the step-by-step guide so that you can convert VSD to SVG in Java. You will also get details about different configurations to customize the output created by VSD to SVG conversion.

Steps to Convert Visio to SVG in Java

  1. Configure the Aspose.Diagram library to convert the Visio files to SVG
  2. Initialize an object of Diagram class to load the input Visio file
  3. Specify different preferences using the SVGSaveOptions class
  4. Export the output SVG image

These steps describe how to implement Visio export to SVG in Java feature into your application. It has introduced the important classes and methods that are required to load the source file and then save it in the desired format like the Document class is used which has a number of overloaded methods for controlling the loading process. You may also apply the settings for the required SVG file like the save format, exporting hidden pages, etc. before exporting the output as an SVG image. These steps

Code to Transform Visio to SVG in Java

This code snippet is a demo to export VSD to SVG in Java. Although, it can be used for basic conversion you can improvise it by manipulating different properties like page count, image quality, default font, etc. Note that while loading the source Visio file into the Document class object you can use a different constructor also that supports setting the interrupt monitor and specifying the pages that you want to load.

This tutorial has covered the use case of Visio to SVG file conversion. If you are interested to explore Visio to PDF rendering, then read the article on how to convert Visio to PDF in Java.