How to Convert Visio to PDF in Java

This article contains the details to answer the question about how to convert Visio to PDF in Java. It includes all the steps including the environment configuration as well as the sample code to convert Visio to PDF without Visio in Java. This information is useful to transform Visio files like VSD or VSDX files into PDF format.

Steps to Convert Visio to PDF using Java

  1. Install the Aspose.Diagram for Java library from the repository to perform Visio file conversion
  2. Use the Diagram class to load the input Visio file to convert to PDF format
  3. Set different PDF characteristics with the PdfSaveOptions class
  4. Save the output PDF file

These steps summarize the programming logic to develop a Visio to PDF converter in Java. Simply load the source VSD or VSDX format Visio file and set different characteristics for the required PDF file like the page size, page count, encryption or compliance standards, etc. Subsequently, export the PDF file to the disk or stream depending on your requirements.

Code to Convert Visio to PDF in Java

This basic code snippet elaborates the use case to export Visio to PDF in Java. However, you can improvise it while specifying several other properties like resolution, compression, comments, etc. Moreover, this conversion is not dependent on any other tool or application so the code snippet is sufficient to convert Visio files to PDF.

This tutorial explains the basic and important information on how to save Visio as PDF in Java. Furthermore, if you want to add comments to Visio drawings then you may visit the article on how to add comments to Visio drawings using Java.