How to Insert Excel Background Image using C#

This sharp tutorial guides on how to insert Excel background image using C#. It provides information about the configurations, and language constructs that are required while writing the application. After adding an Excel background image using C#, you will be able to save it as XLSX, XLS, or in any other supported formats.

Steps to Insert Excel Background Image using C#

  1. Establish the environment to add Aspose.Cells for .NET to insert a sheet background image
  2. Create a new spreadsheet using the Workbook class object to add a background picture
  3. Get access to the first worksheet where the image is to be added as a background
  4. Read all the bytes from the image file that is to be set
  5. Set the BackgroundImage property of the sheet by providing the bytes array
  6. Save the resultant workbook having a background image in the selected worksheet

These steps describe the process to insert spreadsheet background image using C#. All the necessary classes, methods, and properties are introduced that are required to add an image background. The process is quite simple as all the bytes of the image file are read into a byte array and set to the BackgroundImage property of the selected worksheet.

Sample Code to Insert Background Pictures for Excel Sheet using C#

This code demonstrates the process to add Excel image background using C#. First, the target workbook is created or loaded and a reference to the desired worksheet is accessed where the background image is to be set. You can either read the bytes from a file or get it from sone database or Web API as per the requirements.

This tutorial has guided us to insert a background image to a Worksheet in the Workbook. If you want to learn the process to add an image in Excel cell, refer to the article on how to add image in Excel using C#.