How to Add Image in Excel Cell using C#

This basic tutorial will describe the information about how to add image in Excel Cell using C#. You can initialize a blank workbook from scratch or load an existing Excel file based on your requirements. It covers how using C# insert picture in Excel cell and then save the output file as an XLSX workbook.

Steps to Add Image in Excel Cell using C#

  1. Using the NuGet package manager plugin, add Aspose.Cells to add an image in Excel
  2. Initialize a Workbook class instance to create an Excel file
  3. Set the reference of a Worksheet using its index value
  4. Add the image using row and column indexes along with the image path
  5. Save the output XLSX workbook file with the inserted image

These concise steps demonstrate how simple it is to insert image in Excel using C#. First, create an Excel file using the Workbook class object and then specify the row and column indexes as well as the image path for the source image file. Finally, insert it into the target cell as per your requirements.

Code to Add Image in Excel Cell using C#

This code snippet shows the complete process to insert a drawing, signature, or any sort of graphics data into an Excel file. You can add a PNG, JPG, SVG, or any other popular format image with this code. Furthermore, you can change the worksheet index to control in which sheet you need to add image to Excel in C#.

This simple tutorial has covered how to add image in Excel cell using C#. If you are interested to explore Excel to SVG image conversion, refer to the article on how to convert Excel files to SVG in C#.