How to Password Protect a ZIP File in C#

This basic tutorial explains how to password protect a ZIP file in C#. It covers the IDE configuration information, step-by-step algorithm, and a runnable code snippet to present all relevant information in one place. You only need to make a couple of API calls to encrypt ZIP file in C#.

Steps to Password Protect a ZIP File in C#

  1. Configure the system environment to use Aspose.ZIP for .NET library
  2. Read the input file into a FileStream class object
  3. Set the encryption settings like the algorithm and password using the ArchiveEntrySettings
  4. Create the password-protected ZIP file with the Save method

These steps summarize the complete process to add password to ZIP file in C#. Firstly, prepare the environment to work with the library on your end. Then access the source file and create an encrypted ZIP archive as per your requirements.

Code to Password Protect a ZIP File in C#

This code demonstrates how to encrypt a ZIP file in C# by using the AES256 encryption algorithm. Whereas, you can incorporate some changes to improvise the encryption process to match your needs. For instance, you can change compression settings, password string, encryption algorithms, etc. to secure the ZIP file from unauthorized access.

This quick tutorial has explained protecting a ZIP archive with a password. However, if you want to create self-extracting ZIP using C# then refer to the article on how to create self extracting ZIP archive in C#.