How to Convert Word to PDF using Python

This brief tutorial contains information on how to convert Word to PDF using Python. In order to convert Word to PDF in Python, this topic entails the environment configuration steps and API calls required to perform the conversion. The API allows you to customize the output PDF by setting different options that are explained in the sections below.

Steps to Convert DOCX to PDF in Python

  1. Configure the environment for using Aspose.Words for Python via .NET
  2. Import necessary namespace aspose.words in your Python file
  3. Load the source Word file into the Document class object instance
  4. Initialize the PdfSaveOptions object to set the output PDF options
  5. Convert DOCX to PDF using the save method

The aforementioned describes how using Python Word to PDF converter application can be developed using simple API calls. It’s quite a simple process where after setting up the environment, you will load the source Word file using the Document class instance. The PdfSaveOptions will be used to customize the PDF and finally, it will be saved on the disk.

Code to Convert Word to PDF using Python

In Python DOCX to PDF converter applications can also customize the output PDF with the help of PdfSaveOptions class. You can set the page number that you wish to export to PDF using page_set property. The Page mode and PDF compliance can also be set using page_mode and compliance properties.

In this topic, we have learned to convert Word to PDF in Python. If you are looking to create a new Excel file and fill data into it, refer to the article on how to create Excel file in Python.