How to Convert a JPG to Word in Python

This brief tutorial guides on how to convert a JPG to Word in Python. It shares the details to set the environment for the application development, a list of programming steps, and a runnable sample code to convert JPG to Word format in Python. Different properties are discussed that can be used to customize the image insertion in the Word file.

Steps to Transfer JPG to Word in Python

  1. Set the environment to use Aspose.Words for Python via .NET to convert JPG to DOC format
  2. Create a new Word file using the Document class in your Python application
  3. Instantiate a DocumentBuilder object using the newly created document
  4. Call the insert_image() method in the DocumentBuilder for the transformation
  5. Save the output Word file having the inserted image at the start

The aforementioned steps define the process to develop a JPG to Word converter in Python. A Word file is created and used for the initialization of the DocumentBuilder class object that supports a lot of advanced features to edit a Word file including the insertion of an image. The insert_image() method is used by providing the image file name that is to be added to the start of the loaded Word file.

Code to Change JPG to Word in Python

This code snippet demonstrates how to convert JPG format to Word in Python. Several overloaded methods take different arguments to insert an image in the Word file, for instance, file name, memory stream, image bytes, image width, image height, the horizontal position of the image, the vertical position of the image, and wrap type to be used in case of presence of text around the image. You may use move_to(node) method to move the control to a specific node in the Word file before inserting the image.

This article has taught us the conversion of JPEG to Word in Python. If you want to learn the process of converting a PDF file to Word, refer to the article on how to convert PDF to Word using Python.