How to Add Page Numbers in Word using C#

This short tutorial guides on how to add page numbers in Word using C# by sharing the configuration requirements and then logic to be used to achieve the functionality. It explains the steps like navigating in the DOCX document, applying the conditions while adding fields in the footer and finally demonstrating the effect by adding blank pages. Using this article, you can apply page numbering on word document in C# in the footer or header if required.

Steps to Add Page Numbers in Word using C#

  1. Configure the project to add Aspose.Words for adding page numbers in Word file
  2. Load the Word file into the Document class object to add page numbers
  3. Create the DocumentBuilder class object for the loaded document
  4. Move control to the footer of the loaded document
  5. Add a conditional page number field to add numbers after a specific page
  6. Move control to document start for adding test pages
  7. Save the resultant Word file with page numbers in the footer as defined above

These steps describe the logical flow of the process to insert page number in word using C#. It shows that first, you need to load the Word file and then similar to the manual process, move the cursor to the footer section and then add fields. Details are also demonstrated in the code to add conditions for adding page numbers starting from a specific page.

This code demonstrates how to start page number from specific page in word using C# by providing the commands to navigate to the different parts of the Word document like moving to the footer using the DocumentBuilder class object. The same builder can be used to insert fields in the header or footer by providing field type and formatting the text as well. Once the page number is added in the footer, the builder is used to move to the start of the document and then add blank pages for testing the feature.

We have learned to add page numbers to word document in C# however if you want to check how to add an image to a Word file, refer to the article how to add image in Word document using C#.