How to Split Word Document using Java

This short article contains formation on how to split Word document using Java. It provides details about configuring the environment, a set of steps to be followed to write this application, and a runnable sample code that demonstrates the process to split pages in Word using Java. It describes the process to split the documents based on each page however it also discusses the options to split the Word document in a variety of ways and save it as a DOCX, DOC, or any other supported format.

Steps to Split Word File using Java

  1. Establish the environment for using Aspose.Words for Java to split a Word document
  2. Load the sample Word file having multiple pages into the Document class object
  3. Get the total number of pages in the loaded document
  4. Parse through each page of the document
  5. Extract the specified page using extractPages() method in the Document class
  6. Save the newly extracted document on the disk

These steps explain the process to split Word document using Java by sharing the link to the resource library that is used in the sample code. First, you load the source Word file into the Document class object that also contains the method to split a document. Here the steps are given to split the document such that each page is extracted and saved as a separate document.

Code to Extract Pages From Word using Java

This code demonstrates the process to split DOCX using Java where the source document is loaded using the Document class object having a variety of constructors that take file name, input stream, and LoadOptions class object to set the password for protected files along with other properties as well. The extractPages() function can be used to extract pages by providing the starting index and the number of pages to be extracted as a new document. Options are also available to split a document by headings, sections, and by page ranges as per the requirements.

This tutorial has guided us to write a Word page splitter using Java. If you are interested in learning the process to add comments, refer to the article on how to add comments in Word using Java.