How to Add Password to Word Document using Java

In this article, a description is provided of how to add password to Word document using Java. It contains all the information for the configuration of the development environment, a sequence of steps to write a program, and a runnable sample code that demonstrates the feature to protect Word document using Java. Different options and properties can be used while protecting the document and saving it in any of the supported formats like DOC, DOCX, etc.

Steps to Lock Word Document using Java

  1. Establish the environment to use Aspose.Words from the repository to protect a Word document
  2. Create or Load a Word file using the Document class object
  3. Apply the document protection by calling the protect() method along with the protection type and password
  4. Save the protected Word file in the desired format supported by MS Word

These steps explain how to protect Word file with password using Java by first guiding to arrange the development environment and then sharing the step-wise approach to accomplish the task. All the necessary classes and methods are introduced that are required to apply password on the Word file to prohibit editing or other types of protection. Once the desired protection is applied, the output Word file can be saved on the disk along with the option to use the SaveOptions class object that allows many features before saving the document.

Code to Password Protect Word Document using Java

If you want a Word file locked for editing using Java, this code can be used without writing any other code. You can apply different type of protections like READ_ONLY protection is applied here that prohibits the editing of the document however, you may apply other protections like ALLOW_ONLY_COMMENTS for modifying the comments and ALLOW_ONLY_REVISIONS to add revision marks in the document.

This tutorial has guided us to make the Word file read-only using Java. If you want to learn the process of reading a Word document, refer to the article on how to read Word document in Java.