Convert Word to PCL in Java

This article focuses on how to convert Word to PCL in Java. It covers detailed information to establish the development environment and presents a working sample code for converting DOCX to PCL using Java. This application can used inside any Java-supported environment in Linux, macOS, or MS Windows.

Steps to Export DOCX to PCL in Java

  1. Configure the environment to use Aspose.Word for Java from the repository to convert a Word file to PCL in Java
  2. Access the source Word document file using the Document class object
  3. Instantiate the PclSaveOptions class object to set the required output PCL file settings
  4. Save the loaded Word document file as a PCL file on the disk

The aforementioned procedure explains the process to transform Word document to PCL in Java. The process will be initiated by accessing the source Word document file either from disk or using a memory stream, which is then followed by using an instance of the PclSaveOptions class to configure the required PCL file properties. Finally, the accessed DOCX file will be rendered as a PCL file on the disk using the save method.

Code to Convert Word to PCL in Java

The above code example performs the process to export DOCX to PCL in Java using simple API calls. The PclSaveOptions class exposes several optional setter methods to customize the output PCL file by using methods like setColorMode, setDefaultTemplate, setDml3DEffectsRenderingMode, setDmlRenderingMode, setFallbackFontName, and setJpegQuality.

In this example, we have focused on the process to convert Word documents to PCL using Java. If you are interested in learning about the process of combining Word documents, refer to the article on how to merge Word Documents using Java.