How to Convert TeX to PDF in C#

This basic tutorial covers how to convert TeX to PDF in C#. It covers the system configuration information, step-by-step procedure, and a runnable code sample to convert LaTeX to PDF in C#. You only need to load the input TeX file and export it as a PDF document with a few API calls.

Steps to Convert TeX to PDF using C#

  1. Configure Aspose.TeX API in your system to convert TeX files
  2. Create conversion options with the TeXOptions class
  3. Initialize the options for saving in PDF format with PdfSaveOptions class
  4. Run LaTeX to PDF file conversion

These steps summarize the whole conversion process in simple words. Firstly, initialize an object of TeXOptions class and set the PdfSaveOptions for the output file. Subsequently, run the TexJob to convert TeX document to PDF in C#. You can choose to export the output file to a stream or a file as per your requirements.

Code to Convert TeX to PDF in C#

This code snippet can be used to create TeX to PDF converter in C#. It gets the configuration of ObjecTeX engine, then the output directory is set where the log file and other resources are created. In the last step, run the TexJob for running the rendering engine while passing the name of the input TeX file and output PDF document.

This tutorial has explained the details about the conversion of a TeX file to PDF in C#. However, if you want to learn LaTeX to PNG rendering, refer to the article on how to render LaTeX to PNG in C#.