How to Convert MPP to SVG using Java

This crisp topic focuses on how to convert MPP to SVG using Java. It covers all the configuration details, a sequence of steps and a runnable sample code to demonstrate the operation. You can develop an application to convert Microsoft Project to SVG using Java with the help of simple API calls only.

Steps to Convert MPP to SVG using Java

  1. Set up the development environment to include Aspose.Tasks for Java using the repo manager
  2. Load an existing MPP file into the Project class object for converting it to SVG
  3. Set the output SVG options using the SvgOptions class object
  4. Convert the MPP file to SVG using the save method

These simple steps represent the complete configuration details and a stepwise process to convert MS Project to SVG using Java. The Project class is used for loading the source MPP file and the SvgOptions class is used for setting the output SVG file characteristics. It is pertinent to mention here that the SvgOptions class object is not compulsory and can be excluded by using the default settings for the output SVG file.

Code to Export MS Project to SVG using Java

In the above example, the code to save MPP as SVG using Java uses a Project class instance that accesses the source file from the disk. It also exposes the constructor overloads to load the MPP file as a stream from the sources like Databases or the Web. The SvgOptions can be used to customize the output SVG file by setting properties like the CustomPageSize, BarStyles, Gridlines, Timescale, TextStyles and many others.

We have learnt the process to change MPP to SVG using Java here. If you want to learn about the process to convert an MPP to a PDF file, refer to the article on how to convert MPP to PDF in Java.