How to Convert PPTX to PPT using C#

This topic explains how to convert PPTX to PPT using c#. It provides the configuration details, stepwise procedure, and a runnable sample code to change PPTX to PPT using C#. This process can be followed in any of the operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux supporting the .NET platform.

Steps to Convert PPTX to PPT using C#

  1. Configure the environment to add Aspose.Slides for .NET from the NuGet package manager
  2. Load the source PPTX file using the Presentation class object
  3. Save the loaded presentation as PPT using the Save method

These steps describe the procedure to develop software to transform PPTX to PPT using C#. It can be seen that it is just a matter of a couple of lines of code to write this converter. In the first step, the source PPTX is loaded into the Presentation class object and in the next step, it is just saved as a PPT file. You can use different options to customize this conversion process by using different constructors while loading the source presentation and also using the different overloaded methods for saving the output document.

Code to Change PPTX to PPT using C#

In this code to transform PPTX into PPT using C# a single argument constructor of the Presentation class is used that takes the source file name as an argument however there are many other options available also like using different constructors that take the LoadOptions object, a memory stream and the file name in different combinations. The LoadOptions class supports setting the password, setting the interruption token, load format, and warning callbacks to name a few.

This tutorial has taught us to convert PPTX to PPT however if you want to learn the process to convert a presentation to PDF, refer to the article on how to convert PowerPoint to PDF using C#.