How to Save a PowerPoint as a PDF with Notes using Java

In this short tutorial, we will walk you through how to save a PowerPoint as a PDF with notes using Java. You will get information about the environment setting, a step-by-step procedure, and a runnable sample code to convert PowerPoint with notes to PDF using Java. Different options to customize the output PDF and render the desired slides only will also be discussed.

Steps to Save PowerPoint with Notes as PDF using Java

  1. Set the environment to add Aspose.Slides for Java to render motes to PDF
  2. Open the presentation using the Presentation class object
  3. Create and initialize the PdfOptions class object for output PDF customization
  4. Set the notes properties like the position in the output PDF
  5. Save the presentation along with the specified PDF properties

These steps describe the process to save PowerPoint slides with notes as PDF using Java. Different classes, methods, and properties are introduced like the Presentation class to load the source presentation, PdfOptions class for customization of the output PDF, and the notes layout settings are highlighted for user information. Only position property for the notes is mentioned here however you may use other properties as well.

Code to Save PowerPoint as PDF with Notes using Java

This code demonstrates the process to convert PowerPoint to PDF with speaker notes using Java. It uses the setNotesPosition() method from the PdfOptions class to set the position of the notes like BottomFull is used for displaying complete notes using extra pages if required and BottomTruncated is for the limited notes. On the other hand, if you want to render the notes for selected slides only you may clone the target slides to a newly created presentation and then render that presentation to the PDF.

In this quick tutorial, we have learned how to save PowerPoint as PDF with notes using Java. If you are interested in learning the process to convert multiple presentations to a PDF, refer to the article on how to convert multiple PPT to one PDF using Java.