How to Convert PPT to PPTX in Java

This topic focuses on how to convert PPT to PPTX in Java by using a few easy lines of code. It provides all the configuration details and a runnable sample code that can be used to develop a PPT to PPTX converter in Java. It also covers the information to customize the loading of the source PPT file and save that as a PPTX file on the disk.

Steps to Convert PPT to PPTX in Java

  1. Configure the environment to add Aspose.Slides for Java using the repository for PPT to PPTX conversion
  2. Initialize the LoadOptions class object to set the load options
  3. Set the load format as PPT and password to open the PPT file if protected
  4. Load the source PPT file using the Presentation class with the specified load options
  5. Save the loaded PPT presentation as PPTX

The above steps guide us to change PPT to PPTX in Java where the process will start by specifying the load format for the PPT file using the LoadOptions class. If the source PPT file is password protected, set the password also by passing it as an argument in the LoadFormat class object and then load the source PPT file for saving as a PPTX.

Code to Transform PPT to PPTX in Java

This example assists in developing a basic PPT to PPTX converter software in Java where the LoadOptions class is used that contains other properties and methods also like setting passwords, spreadsheet options to decide the formula calculation for charts, setting warning callbacks, managing the loading of external resources, and interruption token. One may also perform other operations on loaded PPT as well by modifying the content of slides similar to MS PowerPoint before saving it as a PPTX.

This tutorial has walked you through the process of converting a PPT to PPTX in Java, however, if you want to learn about converting a presentation to a PDF, refer to the article on how to convert PPT to PDF using Java.