How to Covert PowerPoint Presentation to XPS Using C++

In this simple tutorial, we will walk you through how to convert PowerPoint presentation to XPS using C++. XPS is popular widely used popular format and using simple C++ code, you can convert PPTX to XPS in C++ without interop.

Steps to Convert PowerPoint to XPS in C++

  1. Use Aspose.Slides for C++ NuGet package
  2. include reference to Aspose::Slides and Export namespaces
  3. Load the presentation file for saving PPTX to XPS using Presentation class instance
  4. Use the Save method to convert PPTX to XPS in C++ by setting SaveFormat

You can easily convert PPT to XPS in C++ using Aspose.Slides for C++ API with no reliance on Microsoft Interop or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Code to Convert PowerPoint to XPS in C++

Previously, we explored How to Protect PPTX using C++. However, in the above example we have seen how to export PPTX presentation to XPS format in C++. The above sample code an be used in C++ applications supported by Visual Studio.