How to Add Image Watermark in PPTX using C++

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add image watermark in PPTX using C++. You can insert a logo, signature, or any visual information as image watermark in PowerPoint presentation with simple API interface in C++. The feature is not dependent on Microsoft PowerPoint or any application for adding image watermark on Windows or Linux platforms.

Steps to Add Image Watermark in PPTX using C++

  1. Install the Aspose.Slides for C++ from NuGet package Manager tool
  2. Add the reference to Aspose::Slides namespace
  3. Load input PPTX for adding image watermark using Presentation Class
  4. Add PictureFrame in all Master Slides for adding image watermark
  5. Lock the added image watermark to avoid changes
  6. Save output watermarked PPTX presentation file

You can insert image watermark to PowerPoint in C++ with few simple lines of code. This example is also applicable for PPT file format.

Code to Add Image Watermark in PPTX using C++

In the last topic, we learnt How to Add Draft Watermark in PPTX using C++. This topic focuses on how to put image watermark in pptx using C++.