How to Convert PSD to TIFF in C#

In this simple example, we will cover the details about how to convert PSD to TIFF in C# by following the detailed steps to establish the environment and use the example code. The developed application is quite simple and can be used to save PSD as TIFF using C# using an easily understood API interface and can be configured in any of the .NET supported environments inside macOS, Linux, or Windows.

Steps to Convert PSD to TIFF in C#

  1. Configure the development environment by installing Aspose.PSD for .NET from NuGet for exporting PSD to TIFF
  2. Create an instance of the PsdImage class object to open the source PSD file from the disk
  3. Use an instance of the TiffOptions class to set the desired TIFF image options
  4. Convert the PSD to a TIFF file using the Save method

By using the C# PSD to TIFF image converter application can be developed by following the aforementioned steps, whereby the process will commence by accessing the source PSD file from the disk or a memory stream using Image.Load() method. Then by using an instance of the Tiffptions class, the required TIFF properties for the output TIFF image will be set, which is then followed by converting the PSD image to a TIFF image on the disk using the Save method.

Code to Export PSD to TIFF in C#

The above example demonstrates the mechanism of converting a PSD to TIFF using C# using simple API calls. The TiffOptions class is utilized to customize the output TIFF image properties including Compression, Bit per pixel, image length, image width, image resolution, and adding tags to name a few. After setting the required TIFF properties, the desired TIFF image will be saved either on the disk.

In this topic, we have focused on converting PSD to TIFF using C# using a stepwise procedure. If you want to explore more and learn about converting an Adobe Illustrator (AI) image to PNG, refer to the article on how to convert AI to PNG in C#.