How to Convert AI to JPEG in C#

In this crisp article, you’ll witness how to convert AI to JPEG in C#. The developed application can be used to swiftly save AI as JPEG using C# and can be utilized in any of the .NET Configured environments inside Linux, macOS, or Windows.

Steps to Convert AI to JPEG in C#

  1. Configure your environment by installing Aspose.PSD for .NET from NuGet to convert AI to JPEG
  2. Access the source AI file from the disk using the AiImage class instance
  3. Instantiate the JpegOptions class object to set the desired JPG properties
  4. Save the AI file as a JPEG on the disk

By using C# Adobe Illustrator to JPEG image conversion applications can be easily developed using the aforementioned steps, where the process will commence by accessing the source Adobe Illustrator file from the disk. Then by using a JpegOptions class object, various properties for the desired JPG image file will be set. Eventually, the loaded Adobe Illustrator file will be saved as a JPEG file on the disk using the Save method.

Code to Export AI to JPEG in C#

In the aforementioned example, the process of converting Adobe Illustrator to JPG using C# is demonstrated where the Image.Load() method is used to open the source AI file from the disk. The JpegOptions class is utilized to set the properties like JpegLsAllowedLossyError, Jpeg quality, VectorRasterizationOptions, and ResolutionSettings to name a few. After setting the desired JPEG properties, the image will be saved either on the disk or inside the MemoryStream.

In this sample, we have learned about the process of converting AI to JPEG using C# in a step-wise manner. If you are interested in learning about converting a PSD to a PNG file, refer to the article on how to Convert PSD to PNG in C#.