How to Compress PSD File in C#

In this quick tutorial, we will learn how to compress PSD file in C#. It has details to set the IDE for using Aspose.PSD, a list of steps to develop the program and a runnable sample code for developing a PSD size reducer in C#. Details will also be shared to select different compression methods along with other customizations for the output PSD file.

Steps to Compress PSD File in C#

  1. Configure the development environment to use Aspose.PSD for .NET to compress a PSD
  2. Load the target PSD file using the Image class object to reduce its size
  3. Declare an object of the PsdOptions class to customize the compression parameters
  4. Set the compression method as per the requirements
  5. Save the image as PSD using the PSD save options

These steps define the process to compress PSD in C#. Initially, the source PSD file is loaded into the Image class object followed by declaring the PsdOptions class object. In the final steps, the CompressionMethod property is set to RLE and the resultant image is saved as PSD using the PsdOptions object.

Code to Reduce PSD File Size in C#

This code demonstrates the development of a PSD compressor in C#. You may set the compression method to RLE, ZipWithPrediction and ZipWithoutPrediction as per the application requirements. Similarly, you may customize the output PSD by setting different properties of the PsdOptions class for instance setting the BufferSizeHint, ChannelBitsCount, ChannelsCount, ColorMode, and FullFrame to list a few options.

This article has guided us to reduce PSD size in C#. If you want to learn the conversion of a PSD file to a PDF, refer to the article on how to convert PSD to PDF in C#.