Edit PSD File in C#

This brief topic guides to edit PSD file in C#. Learn the configuration details, get a list containing the steps, and a running code snippet to develop a PSD photo editor using C#. This article will explain different options to add/edit different layers in a PSD file.

Steps to Edit PSD without Photoshop using C#

  1. Prepare your system by installing Aspose.PSD for .NET to edit PSD files
  2. Create an object of the Image class to load the source PSD file
  3. Add a new text layer with the AddTextLayer method
  4. Choose a particular layer and make modifications to it
  5. Save the updated and edited PSD image

Follow the steps above to edit a PSD file without Photoshop using C#. The process will start by loading the source PSD image file from the disk or a memory stream. Next, add a new text layer and change the properties of a particular layer. Finally, save the output edited PSD image.

Code to Develop PSD File Editor in C#

The above sample code exhibits the basic workflow to edit PSD in C#. Use the PsdImage class from the Aspose.PSD.FileFormats.Psd namespace to load the source PSD image. Next, it invokes the AddTextLayer method to append text to the PSD file. Moreover, you can improvise the code, for instance, rotating a PSD file, resizing, merging layers, and cropping the PSD for editing the PSD image as per your requirements.

This article has taught us to create a PSD image editor in C#. However, if you want to convert AI images to TIFF, read the article on How to Convert AI to TIFF in C#.