How to Insert Table in PDF using Python

This article guides you on how to insert table in PDF using Python. It provides details to establish the environment for running the sample code, a step-by-step process to clarify this operation, and a runnable sample code to add table to PDF using Python. You will learn all the basic steps to create a new PDF, insert a page, create a table, fill a table, format a table, and save the resultant PDF file on the disk.

Steps to Insert Table into PDF using Python

  1. Configure the environment to use Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET to create a PDF table
  2. Create a new PDF file using the Document class object and add a page to it for inserting a table
  3. Create a table object using the Table class and set its border settings
  4. Iterate multiple times to add rows and columns in the table along with sample data
  5. Add the table to the paragraphs collection of the selected page
  6. Save the PDF file on the disk having a table with sample data in it

These steps summarize the process to add a table to a PDF using Python. All the necessary classes and methods are introduced like Document class for creating a PDF, Page class for creating a page, Table class for creating a table, and cells collection in the row class for filling the table. Formatting of the table is done using the BorderInfo class object that requires a flag for the border side, Width of the border, and color of the border.

Code to Insert Table in PDF using Python

This code demonstrates the process to insert table to PDF using Python. It uses add() method in the aspose.pdf.Document.pages collection to insert a page into the PDF, and aspose.pdf.Table class to create a table using a constructor without any argument. The table class has a property default_cell_border that can be set for formatting the table if required. Each table is a collection of rows and columns accessed by using Table.rows collection and row.cells collection respectively.

This article has taught us to add a table in Adobe Acrobat using Python. If you want to learn the process to convert PDF to HTML, refer to the article on how to convert PDF to HTML in Python.