How to Highlight in PDF using Python

This quick tutorial guides on how to highlight in PDF using Python. It contains all the details to establish the environment, a list of steps to develop the application, and a runnable sample code to develop a PDF highlighter using Python. You will learn the process through a systematic approach to perform this task along with the options to customize the highlighted text as per your requirements.

Steps to Highlight Text in PDF using Python

  1. Configure the environment to use Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET to highlight text
  2. Load the target PDF file where text is to be highlighted using the Document class object
  3. Search the text on the target page using the TextFragmentAbsorber class
  4. Create the highlight annotation using HighlightAnnotation class
  5. Specify the highlighting color and other properties before applying it
  6. Save the resultant PDF file with highlighted text

These steps assist in how to highlight PDF file using Python. In the beginning, the PDF file is loaded and TextFragmentAbsorber class object is used to specify the text to be searched and then find all the instances of the target text on the selected page. In the next steps, HighlightAnnotation is used to define a highlight annotation for the selected page and specific instance from the collection of strings found on the page along with setting annotation color and other properties if required.

Code to Highlight PDF Document using Python

This code demonstrates how to highlight text in PDF using Python. It uses the TextFragmentAbsorber constructor to specify the string that is to be searched in the target page and then accept() method is used to create a collection of instances of this string on the target page. Similarly, the HighlightAnnotation constructor is used to specify the page and area where the highlighting annotation is to be displayed using the rectangle around the target string.

This article has taught us how to highlight a PDF document using Python. If you want to learn the process to strike some text in a PDF, refer to the article on how to strike out text in Adobe PDF using Python.