How to Convert PDF to TIFF using Python

This quick tutorial guides you on how to convert PDF to TIFF in Python. It contains all the information to set the IDE, a detailed program flow for writing this application, and to convert PDF to TIFF Python based runnable sample code is also shared along with the description. You will learn different options to customize the output PDF as per your requirements in the application.

Steps to Convert PDF to TIFF using Python

  1. Set the environment to use Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET for conversion to TIFF
  2. Load the source document to be converted to TIFF using the Document class object
  3. Create a Resolution class object to set the resolution of the output TIFF image
  4. Instantiate the TiffSettings object to set other properties of the TIFF
  5. Create the TiffDevice object by providing the resolution and TiffSettings object
  6. Call the process() method in the TiffDevice class to generate the desired TIFF file

These steps summarize how with the help of Python PDF to TIFF conversion can be performed with the help of very few lines of code. The process shows that the source PDF file is loaded, a resolution object is created for the output TIFF file, and a TiffSettings object is instantiated for setting a variety of properties other than the resolution. In the final step, a TiffDevice object is created using the resolution and the TiffSettings object before calling the process() method to generate an actual TIFF file.

Code to Transform PDF to TIFF in Python

This sample code shows that to convert PDF to TIFF Python code can easily be written. The Resolution class has a constructor that takes the horizontal and vertical resolution in terms of pixels followed by the instantiation of the TiffSettings object that is used to set the compression type, color depth, shape type, and flag to skip the blank pages. You can also set the brightness, coordinate type, and margins if required.

This tutorial has guided us to transform PDF to TIFF using Python. If you want to learn the process to add comments in a PDF file, refer to the article on how to add comments in PDF file using Python.