How to Convert PDF to Text using Python

This quick tutorial explains how to convert PDF to Text using Python. It covers system configuration details, and step-wise process along with a sample code to perform PDF to Text Python-based conversion. Moreover, you may write the extracted text to the file or at the console as per your requirements.

Steps to Convert PDF to Text in Python

  1. Configure the system by installing Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET library
  2. Load the source PDF file using the Document class for converting it to a Text file
  3. Create a TextAbsorber class object to fetch text with Page.Accept() method
  4. Create a text file and write the output text string in the file

These steps summarize how using Python PDF to TXT conversion can be performed with a couple of API calls. In the first step, load the input PDF file and initialize an object of TextAbsorber which can be used to fetch text from the pages. Then you need to get the extracted text and write it to a TXT file while specifying the file path and name.

Code to Convert PDF to Text in Python

This code snippet shows how to create a PDF to Text converter using Python. It loads the source PDF document using the Document class. Subsequently, you can fetch text from all pages of the PDF file with the accept method or read the text string from a specific page by specifying the page number. Finally, write the text string into a file and export the text file to the disk.

In this article, we have learned how using Python PDF to Text rendering can be done with your applications. However, if you want to learn PDF to Word conversion, then read the tutorial on how to convert PDF to Word using Python.