How to Convert PDF to PPTX using Python

This how-to guide describes how to convert PDF to PPTX using Python. It shares the information to set the development environment for converting PDFs to PowerPoint using Python. You will learn different options to customize the loaded PDF file and set the properties of the output PPTX file.

Steps to Convert PDF to PowerPoint using Python

  1. Establish the environment to use Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET to convert PDF to PPTX
  2. Load the source PDF file into the Document class to turn PDF into PowerPoint
  3. Instantiate an object of PptxSaveOptions for the customization of the output PPTX
  4. Call the method by providing the output PPTX file name and custom settings

These steps summarize the process to transform a file from PDF to PowerPoint using Python. The process is commenced by loading the source PDF file from the disk however you may load it from a stream, set an optional flag to close the inner stream before exiting, and provide the password if password protected. Similarly, the PptxSaveOptions is used to set different properties of the output PPTX file like setting the contents of the slide as an image, etc.

Code to Change PDF to PPTX using Python

This code snippet can be used to convert PDF to presentation using Python. Once the PDF file is loaded into the Document object, you may set different properties before saving it as a PPTX like setting the page layout, page rotation, and vertical and horizontal alignment of the text to name a few. Similarly, the PptxSaveOptions can be used to set the save format, set image resolution, implement a warning handler, separate the images from other graphics, and optimize the text boxes for recognition.

This article has taught us to convert a file from PDF to PPTX using Python. If you want to learn the process of converting a PDF file to an image, refer to the article on how to convert PDF to image in Python.