How to Convert EPUB to PDF in Python

This precise tutorial is designed to cover the information on how to convert EPUB to PDF in Python by sharing the configuration details and steps to develop this converter. It covers all the required resources and flow of the program along with a runnable sample code that can be used in any of the .NET supported environments. The customization of loading the EPUB file is demonstrated and guidance is also provided to configure the output PDF file while writing this converter from EPUB to PDF in Python.

Steps to transform epub to pdf in Python

  1. Establish the environment to use Aspose.PDF for Python via .NET to convert EPUB to PDF
  2. Create an object of EpubLoadOptions class to control the loading of the EPUB file
  3. Set the page margins for the rendering of the EPUB content in the output PDF
  4. Load the EPUB file in the Document class object using the custom settings
  5. Save the EPUB file as a PDF on the disk

The above steps describe the process to change EPUB to PDF in Python by providing guidance to load the EPUB file, configure the rendering and save the output PDF file. You can streamline the process by just accessing the EPUB file from the disk and saving it as a PDF file with the default settings. You can also use the EpubLoadOptions class instance for configuring the loading process like margins are set for the EPUB content for rendering the in the PDF.

Code to Convert EPUB File to PDF in Python

This code is useful for writing an EPUB to PDF converter software in Python as it exhibits a complete program that loads an EPUB file and saves it as a PDF file along with the settings of the content in the loaded EPUB file using the EpubLoadOptions class object. You may also set the other properties in the EpubLoadOptions object like selecting the load format for the other types of files and setting the warning handler to handle the error scenarios while loading the EPUB file. Please Note that once the EPUB file is loaded into the Document class object, you can perform different customizations before saving it as a PDF like setting the background color or image, setting header/footer, default fonts, and adding more content.

This topic has explained the operation to convert EPUB to PDF using Python. If you are interested in learning the process to convert PDF file to an image, refer to the article on how to convert PDF to image in Python.