How to Verify Signature in PDF using C#

This short tutorial guides you on how to verify signature in PDF using C#. It provides details about the environment settings, a detailed procedure with the help of a sequence of steps, and a runnable sample code for verifying signature in PDF using C#. You will get the details of all the classes and methods required for writing this application.

Steps to Verify Digital Signature in PDF using C#

  1. Establish the environment to use Aspose.PDF for .NET in your application to verify signatures
  2. Create a PdfFileSignature class object to load PDF for signature verification
  3. Bind the PDF file using the BindPdf() method to validate the digital signature
  4. Call the VerifySignature() method to test the signature by providing its name

These steps briefly describe the process of signature validation on PDF using C#. First, you may instantiate a PdfFileSignature class object as it contains BindPdf() method to link to the PDF file and VerifySignature() method to verify the signature. The BindPdf() method requires the name of the PDF file whereas the VerifySignature() requires the name of the signature as there can be multiple signatures in a PDF file.

Code to Verify Signature in PDF using C#

To verify digital signature in PDF C# code is presented here that uses the PdfFileSignature class object to accomplish the task. This class is quite a comprehensive one as it supports all the features for working with signatures like to check the presence of a signature it provides the ContainsSignature() method, to extract the certificates ExtractCertificate() method is presented and for removing signatures RemoveSignature() method is provided.

This quick tutorial has presented digital signature validation process using C# for PDF files. If you want to learn the process to add a digital signature, refer to the article on how to add digital signature to PDF in C#.