How to Transform SVG to PDF using C#

This quick article discusses how to transform SVG to PDF using C#. It explains the system configuration, stepwise algorithm, as well as a running sample code to export from SVG to PDF using C#. Furthermore, you can modify, secure, or encrypt the output PDF file as per your requirements.

Steps to Convert SVG to PDF File using C#

  1. Configure the IDE by installing Aspose.PDF for .NET to export SVG image
  2. Initiate an instance of the SvgLoadOptions class
  3. Create an object of the Document class to load the source SVG image
  4. Export the output PDF document

These steps jot down the whole process to render SVG to PDF using C# in plain words. First of all, get the input vector image while specifying some optional properties, if needed, and then render the output document to any file path or stream. Moreover, you can customize this whole conversion process for batch processing and several other features based on your program workflow.

Code to Change SVG to PDF using C#

This code snippet demonstrates the feature to change SVG to PDF using C#. However, you may customize different properties like adjusting PDF page size to SVG image size, conversion engine, and other properties exposed by the SvgLoadOptions class. In the final step, you can set different PDF formats like PDFA1A, PDFA1B, etc., adding digital signatures, or any other manipulation which you may need to apply to the output PDF document after completing the conversion with the Save() method.

This article has explained how to convert SVG to PDF using C#. However, if you want to learn PDF to SVG conversion then read the article on how to convert PDF to SVG using C#.