How to Remove All Restrictions from PDF in C#

This simple tutorial briefs on how to remove all restrictions from PDF in C#. It has all the basic information about the resources required to establish the environment, a list of programming tasks, and a code snippet to develop PDF restriction remover software in C#. Different options to change the restrictions and other properties of the loaded PDF file will also be discussed in this article.

Steps to Unlock PDF Restrictions in C#

  1. Set the IDE to add Aspose.PDF for .NET for removing PDF restrictions
  2. Create a PdfFileSecurity object for managing the PDF file security
  3. Call the BindPdf() method to open the target PDF file
  4. Instantiate a DocumentPrivilege class object and set its default value to DocumentPrivilege.AllowAll
  5. Call the SetPrivilege() method by passing the desired privileges
  6. Save the resultant PDF file after unlocking the restrictions

These steps has explained the process to write a PDF restriction remover tool in C#. The process is commenced by creating a PdfFileSecurity class object as it will be used to load the target PDF file, set the privilege, and save the resultant PDF file. The DocumentPrivilege class object is used to set all the privileges at once however you may select the desired privileges only based on your application needs.

Code to Remove Restrictions on PDF Document in C#

The above code has demonstrated the development of a PDF restrictions remover in C#. The PdfFileSecurity can not only be used for loading the PDF file but it can also be used for changing the password, encrypting the PDF file, and setting privileges. The DocumentPrivilege class has options to enable or disable all the restrictions with a single option i.e. ForbidAll and AllowAll respectively, set the ModifyContents option, allow screen readers, allow form filling, and allow copying of the contents.

In this topic, we have learned the process to remove all restrictions from PDF in C#. If you are inclined to learn the process of removing a signature from a PDF file, refer to the article on how to remove signature from PDF using C#.