How to Convert PDF to Latex in C#

This tutorial provides all the resources to write a program to convert PDF to LaTex in C# like the configuration details, step-wise procedure, and a runnable sample code. Different options are also discussed to customize the conversion of PDF to a TEX file. The sample piece of code provided in this article can be used to write a comprehensive PDF to LaTex converter software in C# without using any other third-party tool.

Steps to Convert PDF to LaTex in C#

  1. Configure the development environment to add Aspose.PDF for .NET from the Nuget package manager for PDF to LaTex conversion
  2. Load the source PDF file in the Document object"
  3. Instantiate the TeXSaveOptions object to customize the output LaTex file
  4. Set desired properties in the TeXSaveOptions object
  5. Save the PDF file as a TEX file"

These steps provide a crisp method to convert PDF to TEX file in c# by sharing the configuration details, program flow, and a runnable sample code to test the feature without writing a single line of code. The description is also provided to customize the output TEX file by using the TeXSaveOptions class object like we set the output folder for the result TEX file. You can save the output file on the disk or stream as per your requirements.

Code to Convert PDF to TEX in C#

This code snippet demonstrates a PDF to TEX converter in C# where the TeXSaveOptions class object is used to set different properties and custom settings for the output TEX file. You can set the flag to close the document once it is saved in a response object, set the warning handler in case of error during the conversion, and set the save format for the output file.

We have learned the process to convert a PDF file to a TEX file. If you want to learn the process to create a PDF file from scratch, refer to the article on how to create PDF in C#.