How to Convert PDF to JPEG in C#

This simple topic entails information on how to convert PDF to JPEG in C#. It encompasses all the information required to establish the environment and detailed steps to accomplish the task. For converting a PDF to JPEG C# code is presented along with the customization of the output JPEG image.

Steps to Convert PDF to Jpeg in C#

  1. Establish the project environment to add Aspose.PDF for .NET into the application using the Nuget package manager
  2. Access the source PDF file for conversion to JPEG image using an instance of the Document class
  3. Set the resolution of the output JPEG image
  4. Create and configure the JpegDevice object using the specified resolution and other settings
  5. Save the loaded PDF file pages as JPEG images using the JpegDevice.Process function

The aforementioned steps cover the information about the necessary libraries required to convert PDF to JPEG using C# and a detailed sequence of steps for proper implementation. One can access the source PDF file from the disk and simply convert its pages to JPEG files. The JpegDevice object is sets the output JPEG resolution and contains the Process method to convert PDF to JPEG.

Code to Convert PDF to Jpeg using C#

In order to convert PDF to JPEG C# code is exhibited whereby the resolution is set for the output JPEG image using the Resolution class instance. The JpegDevice class instance is used to set the resolution of desired JPEG images, which is then followed by iterating every page inside the PDF and using the JpegDevice.Process is used to save every image inside the PDF to individual JPEG images.

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