How to Transform SVG to PDF using Java

This brief guide covers how to transform SVG to PDF using Java. It provides the IDE settings, and step-by-step procedure, followed by a runnable code snippet to export a file from SVG to PDF using Java. Moreover, you do not need to install any other application to perform this conversion at your end.

Steps to Convert SVG to PDF File using Java

  1. Prepare the system environment by installing Aspose.PDF for Java to convert SVG image
  2. Create an object of SvgLoadOptions class
  3. Declare an instance of the Document class for loading the vector image
  4. Render the output PDF document

These steps illustrate the process to render SVG to PDF using Java in simple words. Firstly, load the source vector image while setting different properties. In the next step, save the output PDF document which can also be customized depending on your needs.

Code to Change SVG to PDF using Java

This sample code is capable to change SVG to PDF using Java. Whereas, you can modify it to set several properties like getting the vector image dimensions and setting the PDF page dimensions using the SvgLoadOptions class. Likewise, you may manipulate the output PDF document by adding annotations, comments, redaction, or any other feature that might be needed to satisfy your workflow requirements.

This article has guided us on how to convert SVG to PDF using Java. Besides, if you are interested to understand PDF to SVG conversion then refer to the article on how to convert PDF to SVG using Java.