How to Remove Signature From PDF in Java

This tutorial contains information on how to remove signature from PDF in Java. It will provide all the details required to configure the development environment, program flow, and a runnable sample code. You will get complete instructions along with the class names, methods, and properties which are required to accomplish the task. You will delete digital signature from PDF in Java such that all the signatures will be accessed from the PDF and then delete all or any of the signatures based upon some criteria.

Steps to Remove Signature from PDF in Java

  1. Establish the environment to add Aspose.PDF from the repository to remove a signature
  2. Create an object of PdfFileSignature class
  3. Load the source PDF file by using bindPDF() method
  4. Get access to the list of signatures in the PDF file
  5. Parse through all the signatures and remove any number of signatures
  6. Save the loaded PDF after removing the desired signatures and close it

These steps summarize the process to remove digital signature from PDF in Java where first a link to the necessary resource is provided at the beginning followed by the list of steps that are necessary to develop this application. It guides to load PDF files using the bindPDF() method in the PdfFileSignature class object by providing the path to the file. This class contains features to get the list of all the signatures in the loaded file as well as the method to remove one or all signatures.

Code to Remove a Signature from a PDF in Java

This code demonstrates “how to delete signature in PDF in Java” where PdfFileSignature class is mainly used for loading and deleting the signatures. This class can also be used to certify the documents with the PDM signature, check if a PDF file contains signatures or not, extract the signature’s certificate, and fetch the list of empty signature fields to name a few. You may also use the removeSignature() method that takes an additional boolean flag to delete the fields’ names and the signature.

This code has guided us to delete signatures from PDFs in Java. If you want to learn the process of adding a digital signature, refer to the article on how to add digital signature in Java.