How to Edit PDF Document in Java

This short guide describes how to edit PDF Document in Java. It has the details to set the development environment, a list of steps depicting the program logic, and a runnable sample code to develop a PDF modifier in Java. It introduces all the necessary classes, methods, and properties to update an existing PDF file using a few API calls only.

Steps to Edit PDF Document in Java

  1. Set the development environment to use Aspose.PDF for Java to modify a PDF file
  2. Load the Pdf file into the PdfContentEditor object for editing
  3. Find and replace some text in the entire file
  4. Find and replace some other text but change its font and color as well
  5. Instantiate the PdfFileMend object and load the previously modified PDF file into it
  6. Add some formatted text at a desired location on a given page
  7. Finally, load the file into the Document class and add text on a new page before saving the final output

The steps describe how to change PDF file in Java without installing any other third-party tool. There are three main classes used for demonstrating the change process including the PdfContentEditor class for replacing a text with a simple and formatted text in the PDF file, the PdfFileMend class to add new text, and the Document class to add new pages and insert some sample text in it. The intermediate results are saved in a temporary file and loaded again in the next modification phase when required before saving the final output PDF file at the end.

Code to Modify PDF File in Java

This code demonstrates the process of how to modify PDF document in Java. Text replacement, new text addition, and addition of text on a new page are demonstrated in this sample code. You may use other classes as well for different types of modifications for example, PdfAnnotationEditor for working with comments or annotations, the PdfBookmarkEditor for bookmarks, and PdfFileSignature for working with signatures in a PDF file.

This short guide has taught us the development of a simple PDF editor software in Java. If you want to learn the process of removing pages from a PDF file, refer to the article on how to remove pages from PDF using Java.