How to Convert XPS File to PDF in Java

This precise article explains how to convert XPS file to PDF in Java. It covers the system configuration, and step-by-step process, along with a sample code to export XPS to PDF in Java. Furthermore, several other properties to customize the rendering process are also covered for your reference.

Steps to Convert XPS File to PDF File in Java

  1. Set up the system by installing Aspose.PDF for Java for rendering XPS to PDF
  2. Initialize an object of XpsLoadOptions class
  3. Access the source XPS document using the Document class
  4. Convert XPS to PDF file with the Save method

These steps explain all the details to convert XPS document to PDF in Java. As a prerequisite, it explains the configuration details to make the library work on your end. Subsequently, the XPS file is loaded and exported as a PDF document with a couple of API calls.

Code to Convert XPS File to PDF in Java

This sample code demonstrates how to convert XPS file to PDF in Java. These few lines of code are sufficient to perform the XPS conversion to a PDF file and can be used as a basis for a simple converter. Whereas, several properties exposed by the XpsLoadOptions class can be set for setting different properties like the batch size, load format, or warning callbacks as per your requirements.

This tutorial has covered how to create XPS to PDF converter in Java. Besides, if you are interested to learn PDF to XPS conversion then read the tutorial on how to convert PDF to XPS in Java.