How to Convert PDF to PDF X1A in Java

This quick tutorial explains the process of how to convert PDF to PDF X1A in Java. It discusses different options that can be used to customize the generated output file as per the user’s requirements. For assistance, all the required resources, a list of tasks to be performed, and a runnable sample code are presented to implement PDF to PDF X 1A converter in Java.

Steps to Change PDF to PDF X1A in Java

  1. Set the IDE to use Aspose.PDF for Java for PDF to PDF X1A conversion
  2. Load the source PDF file into the Document object that is to be transformed to PDF/X-1a
  3. Create an object of PdfFormatConversionOptions class for setting different properties
  4. Set text alignment, the log file name, and the action taken in case of errors
  5. Call the Document.convert() method using the above-mentioned options
  6. Save the resultant file in PDF/X-1a format

These steps encompass the complete operation to write a PDF to PDF X1A converter in Java. The process is commenced by creating a PdfFormatConversionOptions object that supports customization of the conversion process like we have set the text alignment, the output log file name, and the flag to set the error action. In the final step, the convert() method is called for the loaded PDF file in the Document class object for saving it on the disk.

Code to Convert PDF to PDF X 1A in Java

The above-mentioned code demonstrates the process of transforming PDF to PDF X 1A in Java. The PdfFormatConversionOptions class has a number of constructors that can be used for initializing the instance for example, you may set the output PDF file format using the PdfFormat enumerator, set the error action, set the transparency action, and set the output log file name. If you do not use a constructor, you may set a number of other properties also using different exposed methods in this class.

This topic has taught us the process to convert PDF to PDF X1A in Java. If you are inclined to write a PDF to XML converted, refer to the article on how to convert PDF to XML in Java.