How to Convert MD File to PDF using Java

This brief tutorial describes how to convert MD file to PDF using Java. It has all the details to set the environment for development, a set of steps to write the application, and a runnable sample code for converting MD to PDF using Java. Different options are also discussed to customize the loading of the source MD file using the MdLoadOptions class object.

Steps to Export MD to PDF using Java

  1. Set the environment to use Aspose.PDF for Java to transform an MD file into a PDF
  2. Instantiate an object of MdLoadOptions class to control the loading of the MD file
  3. Declare and initialize an object of the Document class by providing the MD file and MdLoadOptions object
  4. Call the save() method to export the loaded MD file to PDF

These steps provide the summary of tasks that can be used to export MD file to PDF using Java. The process is commenced by creating the MdLoadOptions class object using the default constructor. In the next steps, the Document class object is instantiated by setting the source MD file name, and the custom loading options using the MdLoadOptions object followed by calling the save() method to complete the transformation.

Code to Convert MD File to PDF using Java

This sample code demonstrates the conversion of a file from MD to PDF using Java. The default settings of the MdLoadOptions class object are used however, you may set the warning handler for the generated warning during the loading of the MD file that supports the return actions as continue or abort the operation. The warning info that is returned contains the type of warning, and a message describing the issue.

This topic has taught us to change the file type from MD to PDF using Java. If you want to learn the changing of the background of a PDF file, refer to the article on how to change background color of PDF in Java.