How to Convert EPUB to PDF using Java

This article contains all the required information for how to convert EPUB to PDF using Java including the configuration information, step-wise procedure, and a runnable sample code. With the help of this information, you can write a simple EPUB to PDF converter software using Java using a few lines of code only. Different customization options are also discussed for controlling the conversion process.

Steps to Convert EPUB File to PDF using Java

  1. Establish the environment to add Aspose.PDF from the repository to convert EPUB to PDF
  2. Declare an object of EpubLoadOptions class
  3. Create a MarginInfo class object
  4. Set top margin value in the MarginInfo object
  5. Set the custom MarginInfo object in the EpubLoadOptions class object
  6. Load the source EPUB file into the Document class object using the EpubLoadOptions object
  7. Save the loaded EPUB document as a PDF on the disk

These steps describe the process to transform EPUB to PDF using Java. All the necessary classes, methods, and few properties are explained that are required to accomplish this task. Once the template EPUB file is properly loaded into the Document class, you can perform a variety of other actions also on the output PDF file before saving it on the disk. The complete sequence of steps that is shared here is to be followed to create PDF from the source EPUB file.

Code to Convert a File from EPUB to PDF using Java

This code is sufficient to change EPUB to PDF using Java however if you want to customize the process like render the EPUB file contents at a particular place in the output PDF file you may set the properties in the EpubLoadOptions. The MarginInfo class object can be used to set the margin info in terms of left, right, top, and bottom margins. The EpubLoadOptions class object provides properties like page size, page size adjustment mode, and margins area usage mode.

This article has guided us to transform the source file from EPUB to PDF using Java. If you are interested in learning the process to add header and footer in the output PD, refer to the article on how to add header and footer in PDF using Java.