How to Add a PDF Page to Another PDF using Java

This quick tutorial describes how to add a create PDF page to another PDF using Java. All the details are shared owing to the configuration of the IDE settings, a list of programming tasks to be performed while writing this application, and a runnable sample code to add PDF page in PDF file using Java. Different options for inserting PDF page in the PDF file will also be discussed.

Steps to Add PDF Page to Another PDF using Java

  1. Set the IDE to use Aspose.PDF for Java for adding a PDF page
  2. Declare and initialize the PdfFileEditor object to insert a page
  3. Call the insert() method of the PdfFileEditor class
  4. Provide the necessary arguments including the output PDF file name

These simple steps describe the complete process to insert PDF page into PDF using Java. The process is commenced by instantiating an object of the PdfFileEditor class as it provides all the rich features to work with a PDF file including the insertion of pages from another PDF file. Although it contains multiple overloaded methods for inserting a page, the sample code has used the one that takes the target PDF file, the index of the target PDF file for inserting the pages, the source PDF from which pages are to be inserted, the range of pages to be added, and finally the output PDF file name as arguments.

Code to Add Pages from PDF using Java

This sample code demonstrates how to add PDF page to another PDF using Java. The main class that is used for this purpose is PdfFileEditor which has many other features for instance you can create a booklet with it, split pages of a PDF, resize the contents of a PDF, and add margins to a PDF file to list a very few. The insert method provides different options for instance you may use streams instead of files in the given sample code for input, source, and output PDF files or even use an array of page numbers instead of starting and ending page numbers to be inserted.

This article has taught us to add PDF page to PDF file using Java. For learning other processes in PDF for instance adding a header and footer in a PDF file refer to the article on how to add header and footer in PDF using Java.