Add Page Numbers to PDF using Java

This tutorial describes how to add page numbers to PDF using Java. It has the details to set the development environment, a list of steps, and a runnable sample code to add numbering to PDF using Java. You will learn the customization of the page numbering like its location on the page, alignment, and the formatting.

Steps to Add Page Number to PDF File using Java

  1. Set the development environment to use Aspose.PDF for Java to add page numbers
  2. Load the PDF document with multiple pages for adding page numbering
  3. Create an object of the PageNumberStamp class
  4. Set the horizontal and vertical alignment of page numbering
  5. Set the starting page number and page number format
  6. Iterate through all the PDF pages where page stamp is to be added

Follow these steps to add page numbers to a PDF file using Java. Start the process by loading the PDF file into an object of the Document class followed by instantiating the PageNumberStamp object. It has the methods and properties to customize the page numbering and finally iterate through all the pages where page number is to be added using the addStamp() method.

Code to Add Custom Page Numbers to PDF using Java

This code demonstrate a working example to add page no to PDF using Java. It uses the PageNumberStamp class that has methods to set alignment, starting page number and the format of the page number string to be rendered. When we set the page number format in the PageNumberStamp object, it is automatically populated with the respective page number when addStamp() method is called for this stamp.

Add page number to PDF using Java with the help of this code snippet. If you want to extract few pages from a PDF and save as a separate PDF file, refer to the article on how to save selected pages from PDF using Java.